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Dental Sealants

Caries prevention and management

Dental sealants are an important part of the caries management process, which involves increasing preventive measures and reducing cariogenic factors.

The American Dental Association recommends sealants as part of caries prevention measures. Sealants are highly effective against pit and fissure caries.

Sealants should be used when kids have a high caries rate and deep fissures on the chewing surfaces of their back teeth. That applies to both primary and permanent teeth. Children with sealants on their teeth experience 80% fewer dental caries.

A sealant is a thin layer of composite resin placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent cavities. Sealants protect teeth from caries with 80% efficiency for two years. How do dental sealants work? Dental sealants prevent bacteria and sugar from sticking to the teeth. As a result, these teeth are protected from acids that cause cavities.

Dental sealants are used both to prevent and to treat cavities. Nevertheless, sealants are an excellent preventive measure when teeth are free of caries. Dentin sealants prevent further demineralization and cavities creation in non-cavitated caries.

Dentists or dental hygienists apply sealants in dental offices. This procedure is quick, easy, and painless. The infographic explains each step of the process.

Sealants are not permanent and should be replaced if they fall out. Additionally, patients should know that sealants are just one component of caries management, so they should maintain good dental hygiene, visit their dentist regularly, and follow a healthy diet.

A sealant prevents cavities and is highly recommended for children. Keep in mind that prevention is crucial for healthy and beautiful teeth.

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